Credit card fraud on vacation

The holidays are, for many, one of the most awaited moments of the year, when we completely disconnect, where we are perhaps a little less attentive. But lazing around can unfortunately quickly be disturbed in the event of a glitch. A quick tour of the precautions to take to keep your credit card your best friend.

If, during the year, the use of your credit card is perhaps more sporadic, it becomes during the duration of the holidays, your daily companion, from the restaurant to the supermarket via hotel reservations or tolls.
“It is a practical and very secure means of payment, provided that the card holder respects some basic security instructions”, explains Preston Esmael , Fraud Manager at Cream Bank .


The instructions are simple

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You must guarantee the confidentiality of the secret code and, in the event of theft or loss, immediately have the card blocked by calling Card Stop “This is the basis of protection. It is still too often observed that cardholders keep their code, sometimes camouflaged in the form of a telephone number, in their wallet or agenda. In the event of loss or theft, it is imperative to block the card, even before going to the police, ”says Preston Esmael.

He also calls for caution when you are stopped by a stranger when leaving a supermarket or when withdrawing money from an ATM. “We note that often these people intend to steal your card or wallet. In the event that your card is (apparently) swallowed by the distributor, the first thing to do is also to have the card blocked immediately.”

In the same vein, we advise you to keep copies of your purchase tickets made with your card. Once you get home, it will make it easier for you to check your account statement.


A caution of sioux, the rest of the year also

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But vacations are not the only time for fraudsters. “For several months, we have been confronted by so-called Microsoft helpdesks who phone customers claiming to have detected a problem on their computer.” They then ask the customer to connect to the Internet in order to be able to solve the alleged problem and then request online payment for the service. This is where things get spoiled. “Instead of the small amount announced for troubleshooting, we see that the customer’s card is debited for amounts ranging from 200 to 500 dollars ,” explains the Fraud Manager.

The phenomenon of phishing emails, also known as phishing, also remains relevant. The victim receives an email apparently from a well-known brand. He is then asked to confirm his contact details by connecting to what appears to be a website of the brand. But it is not. “Thugs thus obtain confidential information which will allow them to abuse their means of payment.


Bank Alerts

Bank Alerts

Cream Bank provides Cream Bank Alert, a service that lets you be informed of transactions made with your Cream Bank credit card anywhere in the world. This service, which you can subscribe to via our website, allows you to receive an SMS or email when a transaction is made with your card for an amount greater than 150 dollars. An intelligent tool. And this service is even free in June, July and August. Click here for more information.

Finally, without falling into paranoia, we can only advise you to regularly check the status of your expenses via PC Banking for example. “This will allow faster detection of any fraud,” concludes Preston Esmael.

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